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Connect and Communicate with the 5-1-5 Huddle

What is the 5-1-5 Huddle? It is your daily time to connect and communicate as a team. This meeting concept comes from software development teams who have a daily scrum to synchronize activities and create a plan for the next 24 hours of work. It happens the same time daily to become part of the team's daily work routine. The goal is to optimize collaboration and performance through daily conversations.

Leaders can use the framework of the daily scrum and transform it to the 5-1-5 huddle using the steps that follow. This effective tool can be used in the office or with a remote workforce.

First, the leader calculates the length of the huddle time using this equation.

5 minutes + (1 minute x number of employees) + 5 minutes = Huddle Time

A 15 to 20 minute huddle is effective. If the team results in more than 20 minutes, it is best to split into two huddles.

Second, the leader schedules the daily huddle at the same time everyday. Morning huddles bring the most value and set the tone for the work day. When working remote, team members should use a video call to interact on a more personal level.

Third, the leader sets the expectation for the three parts of the huddle.

  • 5 minutes: Leader uses the first five minutes to review important information, reiterate vision and recognize team members.

  • 1 minute: Each team member has one minute to share the status of their work and give shout-outs to team members. It is important to have accountability around the one minute time limit to respect everyone's time. 

  • 5 minutes: Leader uses the last five minutes to close any loops, clarify uncertainties and congratulate the team based on the shout-outs.

Last, the team has their first 5-1-5 Huddle. The leader with strong energy and enthusiasm will help the team find great value in the huddle. It is important to keep the huddle true to its purpose and honor the allotted time. Remember, the huddle is to connect with each and communicate the daily happenings.

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