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Remote work offers empowerment and flexibility to balance work and life. You save time with no commute. You can run errands or exercise at lunch. At the same time, you must implement structure to your day and boundaries to your work. 

Prepare for a Daily Check-in with your Leader

Connecting with your leader often is a must. It must be intentional and scheduled because you cannot catch your leader at the coffee pot.  Take fifteen minutes a day and discuss these three questions in a one-on-one check-in with your leader. Read more about each question in our blog post, 3 Questions for Remote Leaders to Ask Daily.


Tell me about your highs and lows, personally and professionally.


What tools, resources and support do you need to be successful?


How can I improve as your leader?

Running a Virtual Meeting

Virtual meetings require a different facilitation approach and attendee engagement techniques. You can learn from our Virtual Meeting 101 insight series about Agenda, the Productivity Road Map and  Roles and Their Rules.

Tip #1

Publish a formal agenda with four sections.

Tip #2

Select a team of people to fill the meeting roles.

Tip #3

Publish the meeting minutes to confirm understanding.

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