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Go B-I-G!

As a young child, I dreamed of being a grocery store "checker outer" (or cashier). My leadership and business mind found a way to overcome child labor laws by opening my own grocery store in our kitchen. I lined up canned goods and organized boxes of pasta and cereal to provide a pleasing shopping experience. I set up a "checker outer" station with my mom's word processor to type the receipts and a desk calculator show my math calculations. I provided my friends with coins and personal checks to purchase green beans and crackers. My ever-so-kind friends visited my store frequently and played with a big smile. On the other hand, my mom's smile was not as big when she came home to the mess of empty cabinets and food-filled countertops.

My pretend grocery store brought great joy as a "checker outer." I achieved the dream. What I didn't know in my nine year-old mind was the dream was really to be the business owner. I wanted to build the grocery story, operate the grocery store and lead the grocery store experience and shoppers. My pretend grocery store reflected my entrepreneur spirit!

Over the past 20 years, my career experiences allowed me to fuel my entrepreneur spirit within organizations. I built departments. I built people programs. I built people systems. I lead healthy teams. I lead positive and inspiring cultures. I lead functions. I used my talents and my entrepreneur spirit while gaining expertise and skills to prepare me for the next career journey.

Today, on February 3, 2020, it is time to go B-I-G! It is time to launch SagePros!

Our mission is to be an ally in human resources and culture creation for growth-minded organizations. We offer services in talent management, compensation, performance cultures, crisis management and culture audits. We focus on people-first, quality and transparency in every project.

I am forever humbled to take this leap of faith. I am eager to serve growth-minded organizations. I am ready to make a difference in the community and in our state by building a reputation of great place to work employers.




Let me know how I can help your organization today!

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