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Leading through the Pandemic Panic

As we all navigate the news headlines, the school closures, the empty store shelves and the unknown of coronavirus, all leaders must pave the way to the new norm for their employees. Below are three ways to help you lead through the pandemic panic.


A calm, centered, rational leader is the best leader, especially in a crisis. You are the example for how your employees will respond and behave. Find moments to pray, meditate, breathe or whatever practice that helps you relax. Your demeanor will determine the pulse of your team.

Set expectations for decisions.

Employees need to know your organization's decision-making process and timelines. Consider a daily huddle where key leaders and stakeholders come together to discuss the latest information and any changes to your daily operations. Let your employees know how and when you will communicate updates from those huddles.

Put the communication cycle on daily repeat.

Silence leads to the creation of stories. Communicate timely and often with your employees. Provide facts, not emotions. Provide complete information and do not leave holes in the information. Use the daily communication to provide updates or reiterate your organization's current operational and personnel procedures. Allow opportunities for employees to ask questions through email or virtual meetings.

Just as you are looking to leaders in our government and health organizations, your employees are looking to you. Step up and take the lead that you are honored to have.

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